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HDMI Splitter  1 in 4 Out 4 Port 1080P 3D Ver 1.4 - Black
Created: 2018-03-21 / Modified: 2020-03-29
HDMI Splitter 1 in 4 Out 4 Port 1080P 3D Ver 1.4 - Black   (ID: 180)
Rs. 420.00

about The Product:-
1*4 Hdmi Splitter Distributes 1 Hdmi Source To 4 Hdmi Displays Simultaneously. It Offers Hd Video Solution For Super Market, Shopping Mall, Hdtv, Stb, Dvd, Projector Factory, Data Control Center, Information Distribution, Conference Room Presentation, Education And Training, Corporation Show Room, Home Theater, Etc.

This compact HDMI splitter can reliably distribute a single HDMI source to four 4 synchronized outputs More outputs can be created by cascading multiple splitters Ideal for setting up HD video entertainment or informative displays in offices shopping centers conference rooms schools and training facilities 3D Compatible If your devices support 3D Support compressed and uncompressed digital audio formats including DTS-HD Dolby True HD and LPCM71 Cascaded Large distribution achieved by cascading more HDMI amplifier splitter Supports HDCP 8bit per channel 24bit all channel deep color Specifications Dimensions 375 x 25 x 075 Weight 41 oz Color Black Ports HDMI Standard Female Input Video Signal 05V - 10V p-p Input DDC Signal 5V p-p TTL Max Single Link Range 1920x1080 1080P 3D 1080P 24Hz Output Video HDMI 14V + HDCP101112 DVI 480p576p720p1080i1080P 50Hz 60Hz 3D 1080P 24Hz Resolutions DTVHDTV 480p576p720p1080i1080P 50Hz 60Hz 3D 1080P 24Hz Operating Frequency Up to 255 MHz EIDI Duration 4 Seconds Max Cable Extension
1. Easy To Use: No Need For Settings
2. Distribution: Four Identical Hdmi Outputs
3. Cascade: Large Distribution Achieved By Stacking
4. Hdcp Compliant
5. Hdmi 1080p Compatible