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Electric Pad Printing Machine
Created: 2018-12-02 / Modified: 2020-04-03
Electric Pad Printing Machine   (ID: 473)

Electric Pad Printing Printer Pad Printing CCTV ,DVR,BOX,T-Shirt Printing, Ball Pen.

Printing size : 15 × 50 (mm)

Printing height : 380 (mm)

Machine weight: 21 (kg)

Dimension L×W×H : 435×405×560 (mm)

Electromotive Working speed : 3600 times/hour

1 . our TSTP Pad Printing Machine is the ideal solution for everyone, who is looking for a low-priced printing solution on all different types of materials.

the spectrum of users varies from service providers in the advertising industry, who would like to expand their portfolio in a cost-effective way in order to be able to offer the impression of the cushion for their clients, for businesses, associations and clubs , who would like to announce the use of free gifts and even for hobby users.

2. The question is, what kind of pad can be used and the answer is really very simple: in almost everything!

from a walnut to a keyboard, virtually anything can be printed. here is a short list of things that can be printed at:

digital cameras, letter openers, laser pointers, nuts, watches and clocks

pens, compasses, rulers, hole punches, lighters, USB flash drives

golf balls, cell phones, keyboards, calculators, scissors, massage devices, torches

3. Except for a small group of materials, the possibilities are endless and can be accomplished within just a few days because of the extremely low-price introduction.

4. Our TSTP cushion printing machine is distinguished by its ease of operation, flexible to use and low maintenance costs. the closed ink system allows low odor,

clean and efficient printing because in an enclosed ink system the ink is placed in a glass of ink as is the case with this machine.

5. Therefore, the ink is led directly to the specific area in which it is needed.

the closed system also prevents the paint from drying out too quickly and you can produce larger amounts using less paint.

variable speed, low gross weight and the fact that no maintenance is required are just some of the advantages of our machine.