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IP 2.0 Megapixel WiFi Audio Onvif SD Card Slot CCTV Camera PCB Board
Created: 2019-09-02 / Modified: 2020-12-03
IP 2.0 Megapixel WiFi Audio Onvif SD Card Slot CCTV Camera PCB Board   (ID: 638)

IP 2.0 Megapixel T21+F23 Xmeye Support True 1080P H.264+ Pro HD Network Camera Module Board Support Wifi Audio Onvif TF Card Slot

Ø Based on XBurst-1 video processor, it adopts Linux embedded operating system, pure hard compression, low bit rate, low power consumption, stable and reliable features, H.264+ video encoding, high compression ratio, good picture quality; support Dynamic rate control. 

Ø High-performance 3D digital noise reduction and edge enhancement, using ROI video compression technology, high compression ratio. 

Ø comes with wifi hotspot, no network can also monitor. 

Ø Support 2.4G wireless connection, also supports wired connection, strong environmental applicability. 

Ø Support two-way voice call function. 

Ø Supports common infrared and intelligent infrared modes. 

Ø Support motion detection alarm function, alarm can link cloud video or TF card recording.

Ø Support TF card recording and cloud recording, TF card supports up to 128G.

Ø View live video or video from your mobile phone or computer anytime, anywhere.

Ø With the clock backup battery interface, after the power is turned off and then the call is made, the SD card recording can continue normally.

Ø 1 RJ45 Ethernet interface, 10/100M adaptive; support network protocols such as HTTP/RTSP/DHCP.

Ø Support PTZ control, standard with RS232 TTL interface. 

Ø Support automatic electronic shutter function to adapt to different monitoring environments.

Ø Full-featured: web supports basic and digest authentication, anonymous access, mirroring, motion detection alarm, video recording, alarm recording and other functions.

Ø Easy to use, connect hotspots, open APP, and immediately plot. 

Ø Wired and wireless automatic switching, in the wireless signal difference environment, you can directly use wired connection devices and routers, automatically switch to wired. 

Ø Support onvif protocol, can dock Haikang, Dahua, Tianshitong, Xiongmai NVR.

Ø Support P2P remote monitoring for mobile phone or computer monitoring.

Ø DC12V power input.